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Community Activities and News. This can best be contacted through a new WEB site Kilarc.NET.  This WEB site that will promote a two way communication between the public and the agencies will focus of community news and newspaper coverage. In this new website, send them an e-mail, and tell them if you would like assistance from KC LLC in contacting any of the individuals below, or if you would like to have your name and/or contact information published on this page so that others may reach you.  Finally, and very important, if you have any opinion and would like help putting it in the record to the FERC, we will be glad to help - even if you do not support our project.

Separate and now under the direction of Glen Dye and edited by Maggie Trevelyan is the web site  This is the ongoing activist WEB site of Glen's group, which does not want to be soley associated only with the Davis Hydro effort as in the past. The other complication is that when we were helping Glen by putting people's filings up on the WEB and/or sent on to FERC, Glen felt he was not always consulted. To avoid that in the future, it makes sense to have a site that will put up public content and comment without getting the "SAVE KILLARC" approval.



PG&E has been licensed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to operate the hydroelectric P-606 Kilarc-Cow Creek project, among other projects. PG&E acquired lands in support of such projects. As part of the PG&E bankruptcy settlement agreement, PG&E agreed to divest lands that are not essential to the operations of its hydroelectric projects, and established the Stewardship Council to provide for the transfer of divested lands to organizations dedicated to conservation of these land resources. Upon the expiration of the P-606 license, PG&E decided to surrender rather than renew its license to operate these hydroelectric facilities.

The PG&E Project Managers leading the license surrender process are

Steve Nevares – 415/973-3174,
PG&E M.C. N11D
P.O. Box 770000
San Francisco, CA 95117

Stacy Evans - 415/973-4731  ( E-mail withheld by request.)
PG&E M.C. N11D
P.O. Box 770000
San Francisco, CA 95117

The PG&E Website is
(Wait, it sometimes takes a minute to come up.)

Much of PG&E's presentation is being coordinated by

Mr. Brian Frantz, Senior Project Scientist
590 Ygnacio Valley Rd.
Suite 200
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
925 988-9920

Brian does not speak for PG&E, and may not be able to provide clarification or additional materials.



Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) office in Washington, DC issues and accepts the surrender of hydroelectric licenses in accordance with federal regulations. The FERC’s five regional offices, including the one in San Francisco, CA, oversee hydroelectric operations and compliance with license conditions.

Washington, DC Office
Office of the General Counsel
Division of Hydropower, Administration & Compliance
Hydro West Branch, Office of Energy Projects

San Francisco Office
Takeshi Yamashita, Regional Engineer
John Scott, Deputy Regional Engineer
Jonathan Yip, Project Engineer -

Parties to the March 31, 2005 Kilarc-Cow Creek Project Agreement under which PG&E agreed not to seek a new license for the Project and to continue operating the project pursuant to annual licenses upon expiration of the current license, until the Project is (1) acquired by another license applicant; or (2) decommissioned by Commission order. In anticipation of no successful application by another prospective licensee of the project, the parties signing the Agreement included an Attachment A identifying “Decommissioning Alternative” Agency and Stakeholder “Subjects and Desired Conditions”

National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)

Steve Edmondson, Northern California Habitat Supervisor, Santa Rosa, CA
Richard Wantuck, Fish Passage Team Leader, Santa Rosa, CA
David White, Project Contact, Santa Rosa, CA
Eric Theiss, Hydro Coordinator, NOAA, General Counsel Southwest, Sacramento, CA

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Brenda Olson, Fishery Biologist, Anadromous Fish Restoration Program, Red Bluff, CA
Mr. William Foster, Sacramento, CA

National Park Service

Jonathan B. Jarvis, Regional Director, Pacific West Region

California Fish and Game Northern Division

Annie Manji, Statewide FERC Coordinator, Sacramento, CA
Mike Berry, Habitat Conservation Program, Redding, CA

California State Water Resources Control Board

Jim Canaday, Senior Environmental Scientist, Division of Water Rights, Sacramento, CA

County:   Shasta County Resource Management

Regional: Western Shasta Resource Conservation District

Discussant Environmental Groups

Trout Unlimited
Chuck Bonham, California Counsel
Brian Johnson

Friends of the River

915 20th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Steve Evans, Conservation Director
916 442-3155 ext. 221

Kelly L. Catlett - Hydro Reform Policy Advocate 
916 442-3155 ext. 223

Community Stakeholders

The following individuals are participating in the development of plans for the future enjoyment and conservation of their local resources.

Glenn Dye, Save Kilarc organization. See

RJ Roth, a.k.a. Whitmore Bob.

Cow Creek Watershed Management Group (CCWMG)
Sue Goodwin, President
Bob Harris, Past President

Pacific Forest and Watershed Lands Stewardship Council
This link also contains Stewardship Council lands in Shasta county.  The download file is almost 2 MB. It is best viewed in Acrobat 8.

Friends of Cow Creek Preserve (FoCCP)
Diane Dressel, President

Western Shasta Resource Conservation District
Kelly Miller, Watershed Coordinator

German Ditch Association
Abbot Ditch Association

KC LLC Related Web Sites

Davis Hydro

27264 Meadowbrook Drive
Davis CA, 95616

The Davis Collaborative   - A Research company of Richard Ely and others
The Davis

PG&E   see
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Other Environmental Sites and Issue Oriented Information

This area is a loose collection of groups and sites that have applicable information. This  area is informal and more information will be added from time to time.


Important resource site: Alameda Creek Alliance

Earth Justice Map

ARS Steelhead Picture
Their site has excellent Photographs

Other Action reports

  • Stonybrook Creek Fish Passage Assessment: ACPWA, 2001.
  • Rivers Reborn: Friends of the River Report on Dam Removal in California
  • City Rivers: the Urban Bankside Restored - November 18, 2005 environmental law symposium at Golden Gate University Law School
  • Inventory of Barriers to Fish Passage in California's Coastal Watersheds - California Coastal Conservancy 2004

Engineering Details for Discussion

Fish Passage Designs Alemeda
Fish Screens:

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