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Kilarc Forebay Recreation Area

The Kilarc Reservoir is an extremely popular family fishing hole.  It is stocked with rainbow which swim up the canal to the Creek and can be seen in the fall spawning in the canal.  In current recommissioning plan this may continue, but the Kilarc reservoir will be seen as a repository of fish destined to be Steelhead.  The recommissioning project design will encourage spawning in the canal, but much of the year, small juvenile fish downward migrating will be screened off and returned to the main stem of the Old Cow. 

Click on the pictures for a full sized photographs which are typically 2-3 MB.

Looking South across the Kilarc Forebay

The canal comes in from the lower left.

Picture supplied by Glen Dye.   


Picnic Area

Busy fishing site in early April. Mom is behind me waiting with the grill.  Dad is off to the left working on lunch.  (See next photo)


Dad at Work

He has been coming here for 13 years. 

On a typical day there will be 3-5 groups fishing around the forebay.

View to the South

The Peacefulness here is overwhelming.  The fishing and the green power are secondary.

Joan Whetmore, a local charming woman is now completely well.

The Forebay is completely wheelchair accessible while still rustic.  It is the nicest handicapped fishing in California.  Equally important it is not uncommon for handicapped fishermen to pull up 3-10 fish in a day. 

From the Picnic Area

View of Trinity Alps to the West.

Waiting For Dad

Family has gone hiking while waiting for dad in the above picture to land trout for lunch.  There is a extensive picnic area that is primarily kept immaculate primarily by locals.


A Different Crowd

Caught direct in the forebay!  This community is where there were 700 signatures easily collected to save the facility.

Cheryl DePriest

       She pleads, "Please save Kilarc!!"

  Across the lake families were pulling in the limit.


      Please  Save Kilarc

Doug Wakefield (leg challenged) & Gary Alford reeling them in.

            Yummy !

Baby steelhead.   The dog ate several that day caught by Doug.

Prime Fishing Area

The view to the right

The Middle grounds


Prime Fishing Area Left

The other 300 degrees of view around the reservoir are also excellent. They include wheelchair views of Shasta, the Trinity Alps, and Mount Lassen.

Recreational Parking

Car to views and fishing is an easy wheelchair 100 yards.

Most photographs were all taken in early April and June 2007.  Some have been supplied by Glen Dye.

All people photographed gave strong support for retaining Kilarc and gave permission to use their pictures.