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South Cow Photos

The South Cow

Potential fish habitat with higher flows.

  A PG&E Picture

South Cow Diversion Dam

Winter Flow

PG&E Picture.

Looking down stream at the PG&E Diversion Dam

Summer Flow

The diversion entrance is on the left.

All flow is directed into the diversion, then fish are screened out and immediately returned to the stream.


Mill Creek Canal

Arriving at the South Creek Diversion Dam.  The Mill Creek is spring fed and received considerable summer flow.


The Mill Creek Canal

Leads just around the hill and ferries water from the Mill Creek nearby.

The Mill Creek Canal

Leads just around the hill.

The Mill Creek Diversion Dam

Site Tour: 13 June 2007

South Cow Minimum Flow Gauge

Weir in center.  It is calibrated as needed.

South Cow Canal Entrance

Fish screen is in the foreground

Near Upstream End of Diversion Canal

Shotcrete lined for first third of canal.


South End of South Cow Diversion