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South Cow Powerhouse

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South Cow Powerhouse looking Northwest


1930's Vintage Relaying and Switchgear

No solid state relaying.  Manual contact complete with synchroscope and flashing lights. .

Deflector Control

The deflector pushes the water away from the Pelton wheel.

Exciter and Generator


Needle Control Valves

On left.  Manual deflector control lower right. 

Megawatts of Green Power

As with all PG&E Powerhouses, it is immaculate inside.


Looking at South Cow Power house Looking SE

Switch yard to be removed unlike Kilarc

Working at Full Power

Water coming out powers next hydro power site downstream belonging to Steve Tetrick.  The same water also supplies Abbott ditch. 

Most external photographs were taken in early May 2007. Internal photos were taken in Spring 2007 on the PG&E tour.