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South Canyon

The South Canyon joins the North Canyon and flows after some diversions into the Old Cow above the Kilarc Powerhouse.

Click on the pictures for a full sized photographs which are typically 2-3 MB.

South Canyon Diversion

Diversion closed.  stream flow release open.  A well built diversion leading into a wooden flume.


Flume leaves the diversion to the south

Diversion flume here is a bit rickety and will no longer hold water.

Deeply Deferred Maintenance

The wood is old and no longer sealed.  It is rotted out in spots.

Overflow Section

The canal has inadequate overflow storm drainage leading to washouts.

Most of the dirt part of this canal is in good to excellent condition. 

Pinecone Races

The canal is primarily used by racing pine cones which race up and down its dry length. 

This photo shows the start of the third heat of the day. 


Beautiful Roads near the Old Cow.

The Roseburg timber roads in this area will soon be Sierra Pacific's to maintain.  They are now in excellent condition - a pine needle and pine cone lawn.

Where is my water !!

Most common animals are birds and lizards.  Also several snakes.

Blinding Dogwoods along side the dry canal

Idyllic hiking area. The beauty in here is unspoiled by nearby logging. 

The Last Pine Cone Race of the day into the first tight turn.

Looking down a typical section of the canal. Most of the canal is unlined and in good condition.  The flume sections are much smaller and in poor condition.

The Old Cow Syphon Entrance

From here the water goes in a 12 inch siphon down under the Old Cow then up to the Kilarc canal shown in the next picture. . 

Here it pours into the Kilarc Canal

The black pipe comes up the hill behind Kelly like a giant snake from the North Canyon Canal.   

Both sides of this Cow Creek gorge are very steep.  All of this for 7.5 cfs when maintained.

This was April  - This why the Kilarc water is cold!

These Photographs were all taken in April and early May 2007.  Additional pictures are available from Dick Ely.