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Fish Habitat

Click on the pictures for a full sized photographs which are typically 2-3 MB.

Unfenced Cattle

Cattle destroy banks and overhanging vegetation. Woody vegetation hanging over the streams provides predation protection,  macroinvertibarate food, and shade.

Cattle Stream Ford

Destroys redds and habitat as they cross streams leaving tokens in the trail.

Bank Destruction

Along unfenced streams from livestock.  Siltation results in covering the egg masses and makes gravel substrates untenable. 

Flooded Fields

Cross- field flow picks up fertilizer, pesticides, and animal wastes.  From this field excess water flows into the streams - solar heated and polluted.  This can be prevented to a great extent by not allowing the flood irrigation water to quite reach the stream edges of the fields.


Flood Irrigation Runoff

Hot nutrient-rich water is carried directly into the streams


These photographs were all taken in early April 2007.