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FERC Project 606   Documents

A Brief Bibliog
A Brief Summary of Davis Hydro Filings and significant resource agency responses is available here.

An Extensive Bibliog
The following extensive suite of related documents are arranged with the youngest entered on top. (The temporal order is approximate as documents are discovered or received.)
Some letters are available on the Official SaveKilarc Committee's site, or another the Community access web site we have helped with,


KC0653 7-9-2003 Cow Creek Water Quality Study Central Valley Water Quality Control Board.

KC0651 4-8-2011 Davis Hydro finds pervasive evidence for bias and requests an independent agency restart NEPA process.

KC0649 3-26-2011 DH request for PG&E flow Records 2003 & 2020-201

KC0647 3-23-2011 DH Comment on NMFS Biological Opinion (PDF - 32 Pages)

KC0645 3-2-2011 NMFS Biological Opinion on Preferred Alternative (9.44 Megabytes)

KC0643 7-21-2010 Initial Bylaws of The Kilarc Foundation (a Word file)

KC0641 7-6-2010 Kilarc Foundation Incorporation Form (Word)

KC0639 6-12-2010 Kilarc Foundation Articles of Incorporation (Word)

KC0637 12-12-2010 The Kilarc Project Summary as of December 2010

KC0635 11-16-10 Tetrick Filing Discounting Fish (see also KC0633)

KC0633 11-16-10 FOIA Released Documents (see KC0635)

KC0629 8-26-10 Eric Poole Cogent Observations (a Word file)

KC0627 8-26-10 Charles and Debbie Nicora - South Cow

KC0625 8-25-10 Tetrick - Extensive! A Legal Analysis + Bob Carey's analysis of W. Falls passage + 2002 Benthin, Berry, Manji letter stating upper W. Falls may be passable at flows 2,900 cfs and above (Millville gauge).

KC0623 8-25-10 Save Kilarc Logo – Excellent work by Maggie

KC0621 8-25-10 Sandy Winters Historical Context (problems with File – Not Available)

KC0619 8-25-10 PG&E agrees with the Agencies and minor corrections

KC0617 8-25-10 Patrick &Orsborn Paper – Background for CDFG analysis

KC0615 8-25-10 KC Hydro Process and Issues

KC0613 8-25-10 USFWS recitation of others' position.

KC0611 8-25-10 Davis Hydro major comment on the June 2010 Draft Environmental Impact Statement, (PDF 1.1 MB)

KC0609 8-24-20 Jeffrey Parks Cal. WRCB Considering. Seems to be indicating an open mind.

KC0607 8-24-10 Sierra Pacific Destruction concerns

KC0605 8-24-10 NMFS Alternatives are Adequate – no studies needed

KC0603 8-24-10 Lori Newsom South Cow Issues

KC0601 8-24-10 George DeFillipo School Superintendent

KC0599 8-24-10 Friends of the River and Trout Unlimited

KC0597 8-23-10 Frank Galucha – News Reporter

KC0595 8-17-10 Wally Herger letter

KC0593 8-17-10 Save Kilarc Committee Excellent Submission

KC0591 8-17-10 Appears to be the same as KC0593 – separate filing

KC0589 8-16-10 Community Petition

KC0587 8-16-10 Margaret Trevelyan groundwater

KC0585 8-12-2010 Todd Wroe – Sense of Community and need for water

KC0583 8-12-2010 CDFG there are fish in bypass

KC0581 8-10-10 Cal Fire Emphasizes need for Kilarc Reservoir

KC0579 8-20-10 CDFG comments on DEIS

KC0578 8-17-2010 Excellent filing showing faulty DEIS conclusions.

KC0577 8--1985  Original Powers and Orsborne 1985 papers used by Bob Carey to show Steelhead cannot possibly make it up the Whitmore Falls.

KC0576 8-6-10 Fire Chief comments

KC0575 2-27-10 CDFG determination of fish passage at Whitmore Falls. Note that there are two falls at at The Whitmore Falls, the one most people know well is the upper Falls.

KC0574 KC Hydro requests FERC staff recommendations be followed.

KC0573 DH letter to Rep. Herger explaining options.

KC0572 8-6-10 DH letter to WHite House asking for help motivating Federal Agencies to to support Green Power and Fish. nationally.

KC0571 7-26-10 Davis Hydro documents 3 years of Alternatives and requested studies. DH requests FERC reopen discussion of Alternatives and Studies under NEPA.

KC0569 4-28-10 EPA response to Davis Hydro Inquiry stating FERC must instigate Air Quality Investigation.

KC0567 6-24-10 Well-written response of Steve Tetrick to a letter of the NMFS requesting any supporting evidence that their conclusions have any basis either in fact, or in science!

KC0565 6-24-10 Davis Hydro brings up the issue of the temperature effects of removing the Kilarc facility will have possibly larger offsetting any imaginary beneficial effects. The letter further goes on to make the point that off site effects will be profound and extensive over time.

KC0563 6-23--10 DH letter to NOAA requesting an examination of the downwind and wide geographic effects of the removal of renewable energy sources. Removing green energy sources will consequently leave the acid rain producing fossil generators in place longer hurting - in a small way, many millions of fish and countless other species across the country.  These wide spread impacts are a direct consequence of the NIMBY attitude and actions of local NMFS offices. We are requesting NOAA take a broader review.  It is always disappointing to find the agency charged with protection of our Atmosphere, the same agency most likely to ignore its destructive effects when polluted.

KC0561 6-24-10 DH letter to NMFS requesting an examination of the downwind and wide geographic effects of the removal of renewable energy sources. Removing Green energy sources will consequently leave the acid rain producing fossil generators in place longer hurting - in a small way, many millions of fish across the country.  These wide spread impacts are ignored with a by the NIMBY attitude of local environmental agencies . We are requesting NMFS take a at least a national perspective in reviewing the effects of their action on national populations of fish.

KC0559 DH letter to Arnold Schwarzenegger requesting that the Governor's Office review how the the scientifically unfounded actions taken by CEC and CDFG are interfering with meeting any RPS goals.

KC0557 6-22-10 FERC Draft EIS. - Little data, no studies, no serious consideration of DH or Tetrick's Alternatives, no separation of the two Projects, reliance on PG&E text and data.

KC0555 6-7-1- Davis Hydro comment on inadequacy Cultural Resources Inventory and evaluation.

KC0553 5-6-10 FERC request of NMFS for any scientific basis for its statements.

KC0551 May7, 2010 Additional NMFS comments on the Tetrick plan that do a good job of describing how the NMFS decisions fit into the Upper Sacramento Salmonid Recovery Plans. The Davis Hydro Proposal is only addressed indirectly.

KC0547 Feb. 22, 2010 Davis Hydro notes the shift directly to the EIS and outlines a number of Alternatives for consideration by the FERC. These included two new ones that show the flexibility of Davis Hydro in attracting parallel funding for fish enhancement projects.

KC0545 Feb. 19 2010 FERC announces that they will proceed immediately to the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement.

KC0543 Feb. 10 2010 Davis Hydro requests recognition of community involvement as directly impacted by the proposed PG&E alternative and speaks clearly that they do not want the Kilarc Reservoir removed.

KC0541 Feb. 4, 2010 Davis Hydro comments on assumptions in Tetrick "Settlement" and suggests that much simpler solutions to the water delivery problem for the Abbott Ditch is available that will be far better for the fish.  Various response to the various filings by and on behalf of the Evergreen Shasta Power proposal by Sierra Pacific Industries. This was docketed on Feb. 5.

KC0539 Jan. 25th version Research Discussion: Davis Hydro updates its working paper on research at the Kilarc Project. Focus is on defining fish resource objective, and means of extending benefits of project up and down Sacramento River. This was docketed 2/3/10.

KC0537 Feb. 3, 2010 Davis Hydro's January 2010 response to CDFG comments. In this filing, DH agrees with CDFG on their concerns. DH carries the same concerns. Equally, however, DH raises concerns whether there is any evidence that increasing water in the Kilarc bypass will increase the ancestral stock on which the DPS classification is based, increase anadromy, or even significantly increase "wild" fish in the area.  Finally, DH asks CDFG to consider the larger ramifications of a policy of destruction of renewable energy projects - what are the effects on the atmosphere and through the atmosphere the effects of the acid rains and the global warming from the replacement fossil generation on fish and man alike.

KC0526 KC LLC request of the FERC whether there will be the need for federal jurisdiction going forward.

KC0525 KC LLC on Jan 25th, 2010 Davis Hydro presents as a background document a FERC jurisdiction request from applicable similar case in Oregon. This is included here to let the public understand the origin of the inquiry.

At about this point in the record there was a large and widespread response from all parties on the Tetrick Settlement.   It was almost uniformly negative, and this discussion looks like a dead end and not repeated here. Please see the FERC E-library.

At about the same time a large number of individual letters emerged from the community discussing the Settlement and many other related issues. These also are not repeated here as they have not added materially to the extensive prior community filings. For these, also please see the FERC E-library.

KC0523   Tetrick's lawyer explaining "Settlement" of their view of the water rights access problem.

KC0521   Jan. 22 2010 Tetrick Proposes a "Settlement".

KC0519   Tetrick Motion to Intervene Out of Time.

KC0517   Mr. Erik Poole focusing on Water rights (same text but with Maps).

KC0515  Mr. Poole focusing on water rights. Ignores DH Abbott Ditch proposals.

KC0513 Sierra Pacific letter supporting Tetrick.  The Tetrick proposal confines any fisheries enhancements to Hooten gulch keeping them out of SP territory. 

KC0511 Tetrick Ranch responds to the Comments filed with the Commission on December 15, 2009, by the California Department of Fish and Game (“CDFG”) with respect to the public Scoping Meetings.

KC0509   David Albrecht  details his concerns on the South Cow. Maps and details are included here.

KC0507   December 28th Comments: CDFG comments on Scoping Process - Continues clear negative response to Davis Hydro and Tetrick's proposals.

KC0535 November 18, 2009 FERC request for USFWS Fish data.

KC0533 Legal Easements for Kilarc. These constraints on removal were brought to FERC's attention at the Public meeting.  A filing dated 11-16-09.

KC0531 Tetrick Scoping meeting comments.

KC0529 Nov. 12 2009 DH strong statement reply to aggregate agency comments 

KC0527 KC Hydro-Sackheim Consulting comments on the Tetrick proposal.

KC0503 December 14th 2009, FWS Response to question on fish surveys in the South Cow. Fish Survey of South Cow - No Data Yet 2009. 

KC0501 Nov. 4 2009 Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) enumerates concerns. The only element of the DH proposal to which SPI objects is the introduction of more anadromous fish at various points on the Old Cow and in small spawning beds up and down the Sacramento River. This is a major economic threat to SPI. This was docketed 11/11/09

KC0499   November 4, 2009 NOAA Comments on Alternatives - Focus Tetrick. Minor comment on Davis Hydro.

KC0497  October 30 Tetrick Request for Additional Time to respond to Scoping Comments.

KC0495   Davis Hydro submits Errata sheet and a replacement Scoping Document on 10/25/09.

KC0493 Ms. Sackheim of KC Hydro suggests on 10/25/09 that there is a need for an Environmental Impact Statement with its associated studies. She points out that this might be averted by discussions with agencies.

KC0491 Mr. Roth requests that federal / state fish and water agencies meet with those proposing a viable project on Old Cow and South Cow creeks. He points out that restoring flows in Old COw Creek will have no effect on steelhead populations due to other factors.

KC0487 10-19-2009- Shasta County comments by Russ Mull protesting Kilarc removal due to its irreplaceable recreation attributes.

KC0485 Mr. Frank Galusha of a letter on 10-25-05 Letter of strong support for the Davis Hydro Project for Fish Restoration Project.

KC0484 Glen Dye - Save Kilarc Organization Letter Referring to Outdoor California.

KC0491 Mr. Roth requests that federal / state fish and water agencies meet with those proposing a viable project on Old Cow and South Cow creeks. He points out that restoring flows in Old COw Creek will have no effect on steelhead populations due to other factors.

KC0483 Steve Tetrick's scoping comments  - primarily addressing the Abbott Ditch and the legal background of the intervention the need to consider alternatives.

KC0482 NMFS hard line showing continued unwillingness to discuss alternatives or community needs or interests. Signed by Steve Edmondson, Davis White, a hydraulics engineer, is identified as contact.

KC0481 R. J. Roth discussing the alternatives to fishing at Kilarc.

KC0479 R. J. Roth 10-13-09 letter representing numerous fishermen questioning Whitmore falls passage by steelhead and related issues.

KC0477 PG&E's 8/17/09 response to one of the FERC Additional Information Request (AIR). This is a large Download ( 6.22 MB) with a large number of graphics. More detailed prints of most of the maps are available in the Diversion part of the Map Section.

KC0475 USFWS Sept 10, 2009 response that the decommissioning will not affect specific Endangered Species in a letter to PG&E. There is no mention of the destruction to many other species due to the effects of the replacement power.

KC0473 August 2009 PG&E's Biological Evaluation Draft. - (Extensive MS Word Document)

KC0472 August 25, 2009 Todd and Kim Wroe and the Save Kilarc Committee letter requesting evaluation of damage from Kilarc demolition.

KC0471 Laura Carnley 8-25-09 letter contesting When Community was aware of PG&E and the agencies desire to demolish the Kilarc project.

KC0470 Tetrick Supplemental Filing discussing PG&E's reply filing. Seems to be all legal issues focusing on the Abbott ditch water diversions. -Fish are not mentioned. 8/25/09

KC0469 Mr. Frank Galusha, Journalist. Supports DAvis Hydro Project.

KC0467 Attachment 1 to KC0466, Davis Hydro's reply filing. This is an informational filing - an examination of production/research opportunities and interactions should Davis Hydro be allows to develop the fish spawning facility. WaterWise Consulting is headed by Sophia Unger. Her resume is on the Davis Hydro website. 8/25/09

KC0466 Davis Hydro's Reply Filing. It emphasizes the incomplete nature of the agencies review of what is best for the Kilarc area. The Davis Hydro Alternative only addresses the Kilarc facility. 8/24/09

KC0464 PG&E's response to Tetrick Plan - focusing on requirements on PG&E to supply water to Abbott Ditch users.~ 8/22/09

KC0462 A Davis Hydro Power Point presentation to the Whitmore community at a meeting of the Friends of Cow Creek Preserve, August 2009.

KC0460   Project Scope and Studies, Davis Hydro Working Paper K - 4 Dated July 12th 2009 A discussion of the scope of studies necessary for determining the preferable alternative for the Kilarc hydroelectric facilities near Whitmore, California. This is a supplemental filing to the Davis Hydro Alternative. that addresses key environmental questions and scope of environmental analysis needed to needed in comparing alternatives.

KC0458 Tetrick and other Abbot ditch users Alternative to decommissioning. They would somehow use the county to handle recreation. 07-13-09

KC0456 Motion to Intervene of Trout Unlimited and Friends of the River, and Request to Change Service List. This is also available in Word from FERC. Dated 7/9/09 filed 7/10/09

KC0454 Comments of DOI OEPC. Comments on surrender of License. This is also available in Word from FERC. Dated 7/10/09 filed 7/10/09

KC0452 The State Water Resources Control Board provides comments on Pacific Gas and Electric Company's License Surrender Application Dated 7/9/09 filed 7/9/09.

KC0451 California Fish and Game provides comments on Pacific Gas and Electric Company's License Surrender Application Dated 7/10/09 filed 7/10/09.

KC0450 Comments, Recommendations, and Motion of Intervention of the National Marine Fisheries Service in Response to FERC's REA Notice. Dated 7/7/09 filed 7/7/09.

KC0448 DOI requests intervention. Dated 7/6/09 filed 7/7/09.

KC0446 Comments of Lavender Gardens . Dated 6/24/09 filed 7/6/09.

KC0444 Comments on PG&E's Draft License Surrender Application regarding regarding destruction of power stations. Dated 7/7/09, filed 7/6/09

KC0442 Response of Chairman Jon Wellinghoff to United States Senator Dianne Feinstein's 4/17/09 letter re the propose surrender of the Kilarc-Cow Creek Hydroelectric Project. Dated 6/30/09 filed 6/30/09

KC0440 Comments of Susan Bradfield re Kilarc/Cow Creek Power Stations under P-606. . Dated 6/29/09 filed 6/29/09

KC0438 Denial by DERC for meeting with Tetrick group.
. Dated 6/24/09 filed 6/26/09. Note that FERC has mislabeled this on their WEB site.

KC0436 Comments of Nancy Martin. Dated 6/25/09 filed 6/25/09.

KC0434 Comments of R. Snider. Dated 6/25/09 filed 6/25/09.

KC0432 KC LLC Files Alternative to save Kilarc and spawn fish in modified headrace. Dated 6/19/09 filed 6/19/09.

KC0431 KC LLC Files Motion to Intervene. Dated 6/19/09 filed 6/19/09.

KC0430 Steve Tetrick request meeting with FERC. Dated 6/12/09 filed 6/15/09.

KC0426 Comments of Tetrick. Dated 6/12/09 filed 6/12/09.

KC0424 Comments of Ruth Patrick . Dated 6/12/09 filed 6/12/09.

KC0420 PG&E annual  Recreation Report - 100,000 visitors per year. . Dated 4/29/09 filed 4/29/09.

KC0416 Comments of State Historic Preservation Officer. Dated 4/20/09 filed 4/20/09

KC0414 Comments of Glen Dye. Dated 4/02/09 filed 4/16/09

KC0412 Comments of US Fish and Wildlife Service. Dated 4/09/09 filed 4/10/09

KC0410 DH clarifying that Biologist is speaking as a private citizen not for the USFW. Dated 4/06/09 filed 4/06/09

KC0408 Comments of Ryan Fogerty - Fisheries biologist in support of project. Dated 3/30/09 filed 3/31/09

KC0406 Save Kilarc Committee Comments on Water Supply. Dated 3/27/09 filed 3/30/09

KC0404 Filing of License Surrender Alternative Comments on Timing and appropriateness by Davis Hydro. Dated 3/30/09 filed 3/30/09

KC0402 Comments of Frank Galusha Supporting Alternative. Dated 3/26/09 filed 3/27/09

KC0400 Comments Save Kilarc Committee - addressing Wildlife Laura Carnley. Dated 3/27/09 filed 3/27/09

KC0398 Comments Earl & Joan Wetmore Dated 3/18/09 filed 3/27/09

KC0396 First Comments Earl & Joan Wetmore. Dated 3/22/09 filed 3/23/09

KC0394 Comments Save Kilarc Committee - Failure to consult. Dated 3/22/09 filed 3/23/09

PG&E's complete Surrender application is available from the E-library at Or from PG&E's project WEB site here.  Note that PG&E's project web site is A complete CD is probably still available from Stacy Evans or Steve Nevares. at PG&E.

KC0382 Comments Save Kilarc Committee - identifies needed studies. Dated 3/01/09 filed 3/02/09

KC0380 Comments of Michael Mogler expressing opposition to decommissioning. Dated 2/12/09 filed 2/12/09

KC0378 Comments of Linda Gow. Dated 3/12/09 filed 3/12/09

KC0376 PG&E Response to USFWS. Dated 2/05/09 filed 2/05/09

KC0374 Comments of Marlene Johnson. Dated 1/30/09 filed 1/30/09

KC0372 Comments of Glen Dye and Save Kilarc Committee . Dated 12/11/09 filed 12/29/09

KC0366 NMFS submits comments Dated 11/06/09 filed 11/14/09

KC0364 Comments California State Water Resources Board . Dated 11/07/09 filed 11/14/09

KC0362 Comments on PG&E's Draft License Surrender Application regarding Kilarc. ILP Comments or Study Request of Whitmore Community Stakeholders under P-606-000.
. Dated 11/7/08 filed 11/14/08

KC0360 Comments of Davis Hydro on the PG&E Draft License Surrender Application - September 2008, FERC Project 606, Submitted November 2008. ILP Comments or Study Request of Davis Hydro LLC. Dated 11/8/08 filed 11/10/0

October 29th 2008

Dated November 7th 2008.


. (These are in MS Word format). They are also available in FERC's PDF format here.

  dated November 6th 2008. as filed with the FERC.



to PG&E's letter indicating a lack of interest in finding a way to continue hydro operations by a third party after their license surrender.  Our letter provides a FEREC mechanism to accomplish the anadromous fish restoration goals more effectively that the PG&E demolition alternative plan.

  PG&E initial letter rejecting any form of continued operation of the hydropower after their license is surrendered.  This is answered in KC0348 above.

Glen takes some strong exception  to NOAA's  dismissive comments.

KC0342 NOAA/NMFS Comments on the Davis Hydro's June 2008 Reconstruction Alternative. Davis Hydro went to NMFS and asked for informal comments and ideas on how we could work with NOAA and CGFG to build a facility that would restore anadromous fish to the area. These comments were returned and no cooperation has been received.  The letter refers to previously filed comments that are available as document KC0044 below.

CDFG comments were similar but supplied only on the telephone.  When transcribed notes of that conversation were submitted to CDFG for review prior to publishing them, the comments were rejected and inhibited from public distribution without corrections.

that the Reconstruction Alternative performs better than the Demolition Alternative.

The PG&E solution will negatively impact the fish in the South Cow relative to what they have agreed to  in the "agreement".   If is far poorer than the Davis Hydro Solution suggested above.

KC0336k Supporting Research Papers  This contains all the research papers supporting the June 20th. They have been PDF formatted.

KC0336j Complete Reconstruction Alternative With Figures 

. ( See below for figures). This alternative focuses on using the Kilarc Canal as a significant fish habitat and having return channels to the Old Cow bypass reach.

( See below for figures). This alternative focuses on using the Kilarc Canal as a significant fish habitat and having return channels to the Old Cow bypass reach.

KC0332 PG&E's Solicitation of Interest in taking over the Reservoir for Recreation

KC0331 Kilarc Cow Creek Status Report January 2008. This was a draft discussion document citing progress to date on fisheries enhancement work to date.

KC0330 Davis Hydro Alternative I  January 2008 - (Obsolete replaced by KC0336 - the Restoration Alternative

KC0329 PG&E's Draft Botanical , and Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Resources Report. November 2007.pdf  Prepared by Entrix. See also the PG&E site for other reports. This report is about 12 MB!!!

KC0328 PG&E's Draft Aquatic Habitat and Fisheries Resources Report. November 2007.pdf  Prepared by Entrix. See also the PG&E site for other reports.

KC0325 Dye long letter to the FERC Community letter with extensive discussion of community requests.

KC0323 E-mail to PG&E, Davis Hydro and group  10-15-07 Carnley requesting study of alternatives.

KC0321 Letter to FERC   10-8-07 Carnley requesting again requesting unbiased study of alternatives.

KC0319 Unbiased Analysis Request  10-1-07 Ms. Carnley letter to FERC.

KC0317 Carnley comments PG&E PPDP  Ms. Carnley's  9-18-07 Letter to FERC.

KC0315 Davis Hydro's Comment of PG&E Preliminary Proposed Decommissioning Plan   10-12-07

KC0312 PG&E Additional Slides   9-26-07 Just the slides from PG&E's presentation - no text.

KC0310 PG&E Discussion of Alternatives   9-26-07 Lengthy reviews of alternatives and expresses no interest in PG&E funding un-needed studies. Expresses that PG&E may not necessarily be opposed to Davis Hydro plans provided all other signatory agencies agree.

KC0308 National Marine Fisheries Service Comments on earlier DH Scoping Paper 9-25-07  Comments that no more studies are needed based on Davis Hydro's July 30th 2007 Scoping Paper.

KC0306 Wetmore's data show temperature data to the FERC 9-21-07 They request study of effects. Emphasizes handicapped fishing access.

KC0304 CDFG Comments on Recent Proposals for Kilarc-Cow Creek Project  10-12-07 CDFG Comments emphasize concern over loss of water rights water - not part of the agreement.

KC0302 Laura & Ranitie Carnley request   9-18-07  Request to have PG&E immediately start studies of the environmental effects of closing Kilarc.

KC0300 Maggie Trevelyan request to the FERC on 9-18-07 to have PG&E start studies effects on wildlife, water for housing, and fire protection for the community.

KC0298 Tetrick Letter   9-18-07 Letter from Steve Tetrick's attorney discussion need to continue hydropower on South Cow.

KC0296 Davis Hydro requests to the FERC  on 9-17-07 to have PG&E start studies of alternatives early, and to clarify FERC mandate to PG&E.

KC0292 PG&E Presentation as a PDF of the PG&E Powerpoint Presentation of their plans. ( Not currently available from PG&E)

KC0290 PG&E September 13th Preliminary Draft Decommissioning Plan. This is the text as presented on PG&E's web site. This is often called the PPDP for convenience.

KC0280 Davis Hydro Project Summary and 9-10-07 Press Release - (Obsolete replaced by KC0336 - the Restoration Alternative.) This is a one page summary of the KC LLC Alternative.

KC0278 PG&E Press Release The press release dated Sept. 7th 2007 describes their process and their upcoming meetings. It identifies that they have already written a preliminary proposed decommissioning plan.

The following two documents are the Discussion Drafts of Alternatives Suggested for PG&E to Study per National Environmental Policy Act Requirements to study all reasonable alternatives - including this "do nothing" alternative.

KC0276 KC_Alternative_Draft_09_10_07.doc - (This is Obsolete replaced by KC0336 - the Restoration Alternative.) This is a MS WORD document.  It is included primarily because for some  Acrobat readers the hyperlinks in the references will not work in the PDF files.  For questions call Dick at 530 753-8864.

KC0275 KC_Alternative_Draft_09_10_07.pdf  - (This is Obsolete replaced by KC0336 - the Restoration Alternative.)  This is in PDF format so it will print correctly on any printer, however for some the hyperlinked references will not work in PDF format, so the original document is included in MS Word 2003 format with hyperlinks on all references. For questions, call Dick Ely at 530 753-8864.

KC0271 Dye Group to FERC_Letter_Aug_24_2007.pdf  

KC0270 G. Dye to Herger_Letter_dated Aug_24_2007.pdf

KC0260 Thompson _Lisa_ July_2007_Stream Ecology from a Fish’s Perspective  Paper given at the State Water Board   July 2007  Directly applicable to Kilarc and Cow Creek.

KC0262 Tullos Deseree Science and Practice of River Restoration  Paper given at the State Water Board July 23, 2007

KC0255 September PG&E announcement of September 2007 meetings as of August 14th, 2007. There have been changes from previous announcements.

KC0250 Davis Hydro Letter to Russ Mull at Shasta County  Davis Hydro hopes to interest the county in taking over the Kilarc recreational facilities and working out an agreement to get the water from them. For questions call Dick at 530 753-8864.

KC0245 FERC Post inspection Inspection Report dated July 27th 2007

KC0240 FERC July 2nd response to Glen Dye's June 2 2007 letter

KC0235   Davis Hydro Scoping Study Plan Draft II This is a discussion draft to generate discussion on how we can save the Kilarc-South Cow Project. 

KC0231  Letter dated 19 July, 2007 from Glen Dye to FERC.

KC0230 Brian Frantz letter to Water Rights Holders

KC0220 FERC June 21 -2007 letter accepting PG&E surrender schedule.  "We expect our surrender application will be filed by March 2009."

KC0210 FERC August 2007 FERC Environmental Inspection scheduling notice.  The study is primarily a safety study. The engineer. Ms. Liv Imset will be visiting and inspecting the whole project.

KC0200 - Newspaper article 6-14-07 Sacramento .  It is a good article with only minor mistakes.  The following link may work:  This article was reprinted in at least one other California Newspaper.

KC0196 Glen Dye's June 2, 2007 comprehensive letter to the FERC.  The Attachments are now posted on the FERC web site as a second posting.

KC0195 Glen Dye's June 2, 2007 comprehensive letter to the FERC.  The attachments were not posted on the FERC web site on the first posting.   They are now .  They are posted above in document KC0196.. 

KC0190 Eric Poole's Request to join FERC Mailing List dated May 23rd 2007.

KC0185 PG&E's Red Legged Frog Report Text only - no figures-maps or photos_2004.pdf.  This was discovered on the PG&E website (be aware this can be very slow in loading) June 11th.

KC0182 PG&E undated, June-released Environmental Study Plans (1 Page).  This may be identical to KC0140. 

KC0180 PG&E's complete summary of existing studies Report dated 2003.  Be aware this is a 360 page 15 Megabytes and will take a while to download.  People wanted paper copies, please contact Stacey at PG&E or ourselves and we will get you a copy.

KC0175 USFWS Comments on KC LLC and PG&E NOI schedule_20070522-0039(17360279) as a PDF

KC0170 FERC rejection of Davis Hydro request to hold NOI request. 5-31-07 This was expected by KC.  See KC0070 discussion. A follow up meeting at FERC in Washington illuminated paths forward.  This will be the subject of a forth coming white paper. 

KC0160 KC LLC E-mail Discussion with Dye-Windham-NMFS on thermal effects of Kilarc Diversion.

KC0150 USFWS Filed 5-22-07 Comments on KC LLC and PG&E NOI schedule. Dated May 17th 2007.

KC0140 PG&E Revised Relicensing Study Plans dated May 5 2003. 

 KC 0130 Friends of  River & Trout  Unlimited oppose examining Kilarc ReLicensing at FERC .  This is a FERC pdf.

KC 00120 CPUC 3/15/07 Decision approving $10.4 M for Kilarc Decommissioning in proceeding A.05-12-002 a PG&E General Rate Case.  For discussion see doc #KC0100 Page 9.

KC0100 Department of Ratepayer Advocates  addresses KILARC Decommissioning Costs on pages 9&10 of DRA's comments on PG&E's general Rate case: Report on the Results of Operations Electric and Gas Distribution Electric Generation for Pacific Gas and Electric Company General Rate Case Test Year 2007. The original PG&E filing is not online.  See PG&E or CPUC Docket Office.

KC0090 Lisa Thompson _Paper_Impact on Fish This work outlined the effects of temperature on Salmonids in the lower Cow Creek Area.

KC0080 CDFG 4-24-07 Comment on Surrender Process accepted for filing 5/7/2007.  5.5 MB.  Low resolution PDF on the FERC E-lib. (FERC is running about 10 days behind on posting.)

KC0075 FERC's Response to Wally Herger responding to Glen Dye's community concern. 

KC0074 FERC issues annual license.  This allows PG&E to operate under the old License rules. The annual licenses will be issued until the surrender is accepted.

KC0072 Glen Dye Letter to Wally Herger and Herger's letter to FERC expressing concern.

KC0070  KC LLC NOI (4/24/07).  This was filed in a different manner than usual.  We asked FERC to hold its filing until permitted under their rubric. It is recognized that this may not work, but the FERC process in this situation is unclear. {Later - see KC0170}

KC0067 PG&E filed Proposed Surrender Schedule

KC0065 Glen Dye et al Letter to FERC June 14 2006 expressing in detail reasons for community concern on Kilarc removal. 

KC0060 Davis Hydro Letter to FERC General Counsel as a PDF.  This is also available as a MS WORD document.

KC0050 Whitmore residents Petition to save Kilarc.  These 700 signatures are an unknown subset of the of the whole petition signature collection.  This petition was abandon when Synergics indicated that they were going to take over the project. 

KC0047 FWS comments on IIS

KC0046 CDFG comments on IIS

KC0044 NMFS comments on IIS This is an extensive document that basically required far more research than the project will support. It is also posted on the FERC Web site as document KC0045, but this is less readable.

KC0040 Synergetics Info package IIS

KC0033-PG&Es_Kilarc Forebay-Solicitation of Interest dated 03-10-08_ looking for organizations to operate the forebay as a recreation facility.

KC0030 Synergetics NOI application as an MS Word document

KC0029 Cow Creek Watershed Management Plan.  This is very large but complete. This document is important because it clearly out what is needed to restore fish and their habitat.

KC0026 CEC reply to assessment request by CDFG

KC0025 CDFG request to the CEC for comment on value of Kilarc-Cow Creek hydropower

KC0020 Decommissioning Agreement  Public comments offered by Tetrick were neither addressed nor included.

KC0018 Tetrick and attached letters dated about 4-13-2004 protesting negative impacts of removal

KC0017 National Marine Fisheries Service Comments on PG&E's original Study Plan

KC0016 CDFG comments on PG&E's proposed studies

KC0015 NMFS comments on PG&E consultation package  These were the focus of expensive studies referred to by PG&E in recent public discussions.

KC0014 USFWS response to PG&E's first stage consultation package (This is large and may take a few seconds.

KC0013 Water Resources Final Comments on PG&E studies  - as filed.

KC0012 CDFG Initial Response October 2002 to PG&E's initial Consultation Package as a MS Word Document

KC0010 PG&E's first stage consultation package  (this is about 12.5 MB) This package was submitted to the agencies and various studies started. 

KC0009 Western Shasta Resource Conservation District   2002 Cow Creek Fish Passage and Fish Screening Project Proposal (this is about 3.6 MB). This is important in that it shows willingness of local ranchers to cooperate with screening.

KC0007 Fish Population study  (August, 2001) A study of the presence of fish in the Old Cow a mile below the powerhouse. This was done by Tom Payne and Associates. for the Olsen Hydro project near Whitmore.

KC0005 Cow Creek Final Watershed Assessment 2001.  (This is about 25 MB! due to the large number of graphics.)   This document is an extensive assessment of the Problems seen in Cow Creek and is a starting point for any research in this area.

KC0003 Cow Creek Adjudication Document (Currently as one 10 MB PDF file.)    In this  Adjudication Decree pdf two pages may not be complete due to copying alignment.  This will be repaired by 7/27.  The graphic maps in its back are available separately.  They are available here in medium and high high resolution formats.

For additional material, please check the  PG&E Web site document library here

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